Civic (CVC) Price Predictions

Civic is a blockchain-based project that aims to provide a platform for verifying and managing digital identities in a secure, decentralized and accessible way. Its native CVC token facilitates transactions within the Civic ecosystem, allowing users to access services, pay for checks, and participate in platform governance

When will it reach 1 dollar?

Currently, CVC is trading around $0.17, a far cry from the value of 1 dollar.

Reaching this threshold could take place by 2024 or 2025, according to forecasts

Key factors that may influence this growth:

  • Adoption: Increased adoption of the Civic platform for digital identity management.
  • Partnership: Strategic collaborations with companies in the sector to integrate Civic services.

When will it reach 10 dollars?

Reaching 10 dollars would be a significant achievement. Current projections do not indicate that this threshold can be reached by 2030, unless there is a significant expansion of the Civic ecosystem and an increase in the adoption of digital identities


  • Regulation: Regulatory changes may affect the adoption and use of platforms such as Civic.
  • Competition: Competition from other identity verification platforms may affect the value of the token.

When will it reach 100 dollars?

At the moment, it doesn’t seem realistic to expect Civic to hit $100 in the near future. A radical change in the digital identity market and a massive expansion of the Civic ecosystem would be necessary

When will it reach 1000 dollars?

The $1,000 threshold seems highly unlikely, given the current market capitalization and the limited adoption of digital identities in many regions.

Is Civic a good investment?


  • Innovation: Civic offers an innovative and secure solution for managing digital identities.
  • Token with utility: CVC is actively used within the Civic ecosystem.


  • Volatility: Like many cryptocurrencies, CVC can also be highly volatile.
  • Limited adoption: The adoption of digital identities is still at an early stage in many regions.

Price forecasts (2024-2030)

Anno Expected price
2024 $0.30
2025 $0.50
2026 $0.80
2027 $1.00
2028 $1.50
2029 $2.20
2030 $2.80

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