in how to open a demo account directly from mobile demo account. Opening a demo stock account to practice stock trading is the need for new traders in the market. Or, if you are new to a trading platform, you also need to open a virtual account. is a reputable stock exchange and is used by many investors today. This exchange allows trading of many different assets such as international stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, forex … In particular, the trading platform is easy to use and has a Vietnamese language, so it is fashionable.

Favorite person. This article shows you how to open and manage a virtual account on

Why do you need to open a demo account?

A virtual stock account (demo account) is used for stock trading, but the broker offers you some free virtual money to learn how to trade. The amount of this virtual currency depends on each exchange. However, the virtual money in the stock account is only used for trading practice and cannot be withdrawn from your bank account.

The virtual stock account has the same functions and trades, commissions and spreads as when trading on a real account. The only difference is that the money you use in this account is given away for free and cannot be withdrawn to your bank account.

How to open an account and use it on your mobile phone

Open a Demo account allows you to open multiple virtual accounts on the platform. Each virtual account receives an initial $1,000 for free. You can increase the capital in each virtual account up to a maximum of $100,000.

To open a virtual stock account on your phone, follow these steps.

Step 1: Log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, you can open an account at the link:

Select the [Account] tab

Step 2: Select [My Accounts]

Step 3: Select [Demo]

Then click [Add Demo Account]

Step 5: Select the currency that will be used for the demo account, and then click [Continue]

Step 6: Name the virtual account you are opening and click [Add Account]

In the list of Demo accounts, you will see your existing Demo accounts:

Use a demo account

To switch to using a virtual account, sign in to your account on your phone.

  1. Select the [Account] tab
  2. Click [My Accounts]
  3. Select the [Demo] tab
  4. In the list of open Demo accounts, what [Active] says means you’re using that account.

If you want to switch to another demo account, select the tab and click [Switch to]

  • To increase the capital for the virtual account you’re using, click [Adjust Balance].
  • To change your leverage, click [Trading Options], then click [Leverage].
  • To rename this demo account, click [Rename]

If you want to delete an account, drag the options bar to the left, then click [Delete]

After selecting an account and setting the appropriate capital and leverage for the version, you can switch to the [Trade] tab to practice opening orders. View open orders on the [Portfolio] tab

Above is a guide on opening a virtual account on your phone and how to use it. Using a virtual account to learn how to trade is an indispensable part of improving traders’ skills. By allowing you to open multiple virtual accounts, choosing the amount of capital as needed helps traders easily monitor and compare the effectiveness of many different trading strategies at once.

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