in delete your business account from your mobile phone delete the account trade and add an account on the mobile phone. has a handy feature that allows traders to open multiple trading accounts on the same user account. The ease of opening multiple accounts and switching between them is what many traders expect. This article will show you how to add and remove trading accounts on mobile phones.

Why open multiple accounts?

There are many reasons why traders want to trade on multiple accounts at once. The reasons could be:

  • You have many different trading strategies. Separate trading of each trading strategy with one account helps you monitor the operation of the strategies. Or, having several long-term and short-term strategies, the separation of accounts also prevents you from being confused in the trading process.
  • You want to keep several separate wallets. For example, there are people who want to invest in stocks and trade coins… The separation of accounts makes it easier for traders to monitor the market and manage capital more effectively.

You want to have multiple accounts for different purposes. In general, each person will have different reasons to open multiple trading accounts. Whatever the reason, has studied and developed this feature to meet the needs of investors.

Reasons to delete business account.

The same applies to the opening of additional accounts. You will have a reason to want to delete your trading account. Some reasons such as:

  • You have chosen the best trading strategy. The verification of the effectiveness of the new strategies has been completed. So you no longer need to use multiple trading accounts.
  • Managing multiple trading accounts at the same time is distracting and difficult to control.

Whatever your reason, makes it easy for users to open additional trading accounts. And the same goes for deleting an account.

Add more and delete trading accounts on mobile phones

To add or remove an account, you must have a account. To open a account, you need to register using the link below:

After opening a account. Access the account management feature on your mobile phone as follows:

Instructions to open multiple trading accounts over the phone

In the [My Accounts] category, you can open additional trading accounts as follows:

On the [Live] tab, click [Add Live Account].

Select the currency you want to use and click [Continue]

Name your account and click [Add Account]

After completing the previous step, you have successfully opened an account. The interface continues to guide you through the next steps to make a deposit. If you have not yet made a deposit, you can exit.

Now, check the [My Accounts] list. You should see your accounts displayed.

  • An account that says [Active] indicates that you’re using that account. If you open an exchange right away, you will use the capital of this account.
  • Select the account you want to use and click [Switch to] to switch to another account.

How to delete trading account on mobile phone

In the [My Accounts] category, you cannot delete the account that shows [Active]. To delete an account, do the following:

Drag the options bar below the account on the right.

Continue to press [Delete] to confirm.

Note, you must transfer your account balance to other accounts before deleting the account.

Above is a guide on how to open multiple accounts and delete account on your phone. easily allows users to open more, delete, or switch between accounts, which is a convenient feature that simplifies transactions according to your needs.

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