in Customer Service: Step-by-Step Guide? support works quite effectively through 24/7 live chat, emailing, and sending support requests through the system. is an established trading platform, but traders use it extensively. When familiarizing yourself with any broker, you may experience difficulties in using the platform. This article walks you through the most complex ways to contact customer service.

There are 3 ways to contact customer service

Method 1: Contact via chat 24/7

To chat with support, visit the link HERE

Then click the chat icon at the bottom right corner of the screen [24/7 support]

Then choose a contact form. Options include Livechat (on the website, Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook.

Method 2: Submit a support request to

If chat communication is not convenient or did not solve the problem, you can send a support request to the customer support team via the [Send Request] feature.

In the link above, click [Submit a request]

Select the issue you’re experiencing:

Enter your email, the subject line you need support for, a detailed description of the problem you encounter, and your account information. Alternatively, if you have an image or video of the problem you’re having, attach it to the file and click [Submit].

Then, customers will contact you. It is not recommended to submit multiple support requests for a single issue because they in turn will process the support requests. If you submit a lot of requests, processing may be slower.

Method 3: Email Support

If the above methods still don’t solve the problem or you’re having trouble contacting, you can send an email to to the email address: [email protected]

In the email, you need to specify the subject of the email – the issue for which you need support.

Email content: Describe your account information and issue in detail. If there are images, videos that record the problem with which you have difficulty, you can send them in the attachment.

After the review period, will respond to your support email.

Usually, will reply to your email in 1-2 business days. Therefore, please wait patiently.


Currently, you can only get support through the team. Try to describe your problem in a simple and understandable way. If possible, please use the English language when communicating to make the support process more convenient.

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