Can Love Hate Inu (LH Inu) compete with existing meme coins?

LH Inu Pre-sale Update

  • Love Hate Inu has raised more than 7 million dollars so far in its pre-sale period.
  • LH Inu is now in phase 7 of the pre-sale.
  • LoveHateinU announced a meme challenge to celebrate raising $6 million. Participants are asked to create their best $LHINU meme, tweet it with the tag #LHINUCOMP and mention LoveHateInu. The first three memes will win cash prizes: $100 for 1st place, $50 for 2nd, and $30 for 3rd
  • .

  • Users can get LH Inu on Binance Smart Chain using BNB and USDT.
  • LH Inu’s first survey is officially live on its website.
  • The CEO of Love Hate Inu, Dawkins plans to list the project on the Uniswap decentralized exchange to allow for wider participation. The project will also conduct surveys on governance issues, including decision-making on marketing budgets, and has received positive feedback
  • on its prospects.

  • The Love-Hate Inu development team is focused on product development, such as a VIP KYC system for companies to conduct survey activities with rewards in real life, and is negotiating partnerships for its delivery.

Love Hate Inu Price Prediction: Is Love Hate Inu a Good Investment?

Love Hate Inu is a meme token that offers users the opportunity to engage in voting on hot topics and to be rewarded for their opinions. The platform offers users a space to express their opinions on politics, entertainment and social issues and to be part of a community that cares about what they think. The voting system is based on blockchain technology, ensuring that the process is fair, transparent and secure. The platform is primarily a meme survey creator where creators will be rewarded in LHINU tokens. Here, users are required to stake their LHINU tokens in order to vote and create personalized polls. They earn rewards in return

Key features of LH Inu

  • It is built on Ethereum and therefore provides a robust DApp infrastructure.
  • The Love-Hate Inu platform consists of three key areas: the user interface, the voting platform, the management dashboard

The user interface allows users to connect their wallets and engage in real-time votes, earning rewards for doing so. The voting platform allows interested parties to submit new poll ideas for the community to consider. The management dashboard ensures that all active voting is conducted in a way that protects the community

Note that 90% of the supply of LHINU tokens will be sold during the pre-sale period and 10% will be reserved for community rewards and cash. The following are the use cases of the LHINU token

  • LHINU tokens can be staked to participate in the latest surveys.
  • Holders of LHINU tokens can get rewards for using the LH Inu platform.
  • Users can create surveys

Is Love Hate Inu solving a big problem? Blockchain will certainly help if LH Inu guarantees a high degree of KYC and the participation of a single account in surveys. Otherwise, the platform will only be for ‘fun’ and is unlikely to be commercialized and therefore

At the moment it is a moderate case for investments.

LH Inu Price Forecast: Competitor Analysis

LH Inu is a meme coin and therefore faces direct competition with existing meme coins on the market. While there are no active votes to earn coins, let’s take a look at other meme coins

  • Shiba Inu- Shina Inu is a meme coin based on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition to being a meme coin, SHIB has found its usefulness in games (Shiba Eternity), Metaverse (Shibarium) and DEX (Shibaswap)
  • .

  • Dogecoin- Dogecoin is another popular meme coin that was initially launched as a joke. However, it has developed real-world utility over time. For example, DOGE is used as a payment method
  • .

  • Dogelon Mars- Dogelon Mars is a meme token built on ERC-20 standards.
  • Tamadoge that was launched a few months ago.

Love Hate Inu Price prediction: market cap of current Meme coins

  • Dogecoin: $13.5 billion
  • Shiba Inu: 6.6 billion dollars
  • Floki Inu” 328 million dollars

New launches

  • Tamadoge: 10.9 million dollars

Tamadoge is down 68%, Shib is up 7.1%, Doge is up 50.1%, Floki Inu is up 407% in the last 6 months

While Floki and Doge performed quite well, Tamadoge has fallen by 68% in the last 6 months

LH Inu Price prediction: current market scenario for the launch of the cryptocurrency

There are hundreds of meme coins on the market, including Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Floki, Dogelon Mars, Volt Inu, Baby Dogecoin, Tamadoge, Pitbull, MonaCoin, Shiba Predator, Hoge Finance, Safemoon Inu, King Shiba, DogeCash, Chili, PooCoin etc.

Therefore, LH Inu is entering a highly clustered market and must be competitive in order to survive in the market.

However, not all meme coins are popular at a similar level. One of the most important reasons for the survival and popularity of meme coins is their use case in real life. In simple words, meme coins must develop a certain utility to grow in the cryptocurrency market. For example, Shiba Inu is one of the best meme coins that exist in the cryptocurrency market, and the reason behind its growth is its increase in use cases in various domains

So, LH Inu can also have a good scope for growth if it expands its use cases.

In addition, according to the data, the size of the global online survey market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.5% by the end of 2027. Therefore, it can potentially aid in the growth of LH Inu

LH Inu Roadmap

Below is the roadmap for LH Inu for the next few months:

Q1 2023: The first quarter of 2023 includes the launch of tokens and social accounts and the pre-sale of tokens.

Q2 2023: This quarter includes the development of the voting algorithm, the launch of platform registration, partnership agreements and exchange lists.

Q3 2023: Includes the launch of the LHINU staking and the launch of the management dashboard.

Q4 2023: This includes developing the LHINU community’s ability to create personalized surveys and reward mechanisms sponsored by the brand.

Q1 2024 onwards: Love Hate Inu aims to integrate the voting system into the main metaverse experiences in 2024.

LH Inu Price Prediction: Conclusion

While LH Inu is a meme coin, it aims to provide real-world utility. Therefore, it has some distinctive features from existing meme coins. However, it doesn’t offer many use cases compared to its competitors. So, it must offer more use cases to survive and beat existing meme coins like Shiba Inu

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