BNB Vault: what it is and how to use it

BNB Vault is a new feature of Binance Earn that allows users to earn revenue from various products on Binance from long-term possession of BNB. So what is BNB Vault? This article discusses the risks and rewards of investing in this feature.

What is BNB Vault?

BNB Vault is a profit aggregator that makes it easy and flexible for users to profit from holding BNB on various products within the Binance platform.

It has a simple interface, which makes it easy for users to acquire and receive multiple sources of income from BNB of different products (centralized and decentralized financial products) by integrating numerous Binance products and the Binance ecosystem. This feature allows users to buy and hold BNB for the long term to maximize profits. It is a very convenient and easy to use function. Users can execute trades to enjoy the profits with a single click, automatically allocating BNB to different products. In addition, investors can withdraw money flexibly at any time.

How to calculate BNB Vault earnings?

Daily Earnings BNB Vault = New Token Rewards Launchpool + Flexible Savings BNB + Defi Staking and other products.

Example: If you stake 100 BNB you will receive the following three sources of income:

  • Get Spot earnings from flexible BNB savings (limit of 100 BNB);
  • Receive token rewards from Lauchpool (limit of 100 BNB);
  • Get revenue from Defi staking and other sources of income (such as mining on the BSC chain based on holdings).

Is BNB Vault risky?

Vault is a guaranteed and flexible investment product early withdrawal or sale of BNB stakes. In addition, BNB staking in BNB Vault is included in the BNB calculation mechanism and benefits from the BNB daily balance calculator. It can be ten times more profitable than betting BNB. APY (annual rate of return) is adjusted for the actual earnings and risk of BNB Flexible Savings, Defi Staking, Launchpool and potential future Earn product. In general, it is the most effective investment product.

How to Use BNB Vault to Maximize Profits?

Sign in to your Binance account. If you do not have a Binance account, register using the link below:

Click the Finance tab, select Binance Earn. Scroll down choose Go to BNB Vault.

Click on Stake and the Stake BNB registration window will appear: read and accept the terms of the Binance SLA, enter the amount of BNB you want to bet and click “Confirm”.

After confirmation, users begin to profit from this feature. BNB will be automatically assigned to different products on Binance.

  • Unlock BNB staking

Click Cancel to unlock BNB staking. There are two options for Fast Redemption and Standard Redemption. The Fast Redemption feature allows users to withdraw BNB within the same day. While Standard Redemption allows BNB withdrawal the next day, users still get today’s profits.

  • Other functions

Users can see the amount of BNB stake in the My Sharing section. Reward details are shown in the My Rewards section and click on Distribution History to learn about the asset allocation history to the products.


Above is the information you need to know before investing in BNB Vault. BNB is an aggregator of profits from BNB that combine from many different product sources on BNB such as Lauchpool, Savings, Defi Staking, etc., all on one platform. It opens up a lot of potential related to BNB in the future.

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