Bitcoin (BTC) from Trust Wallet to KuCoin: how to transfer them step by step

To transfer BTC from Trust Wallet to KuCoin, first, you need to copy the BTC deposit address into KuCoin.

Then, launch the Trust Wallet application.

Select BTC and paste the address and enter the amount.

Finally, confirm the transfer.

Steps to transfer Bitcoin (BTC) from Trust Wallet mobile application to KuCoin mobile application

1. Tap “Deposit” in the KuCoin application

Launch the KuCoin mobile application.

You will now be able to see the options, such as Home, Markets, Trades, Futures and Assets at the bottom of your mobile screen.

Tap “Resources“. Then, tap on “Deposit“.

2. Find BTC and copy the deposit address

Now you will see two tabs: Crypto and Fiat.

By default, you will be on “Crypto“.

Use the search box to find Bitcoin (BTC).

Once you find Bitcoin (BTC), tap on it.

Immediately after tapping on the BTC, the application will ask you to choose the network.

Choose the network as BSC BTC Smart Chain (BEP20).

You can also select other networks. If you do, match the address on both platforms. Otherwise, you will end up losing your asset.

Now you will be able to see the BTC deposit address. Click on the “copy” icon.

3. Tap “BTC” in Trust Wallet

Launch the Trust Wallet mobile application.

Trust Wallet is only available as a mobile application, not as an extension.

You will be able to view your crypto assets in Tokens.

Tap “BTC”.

Then, tap on “Send”.

4. Paste the BTC deposit address and enter the amount

After tapping Send, you will be able to paste the BTC address that you copied in step 2.

Then, enter the BTC amount.

You can use the MAX button to send all the BTCs you have in your Trust Wallet.

Finally, tap on “Continue”.

5. Tap “Confirm

After tapping continue, you will be on the Transfer page.

Check the details of the transfer and the commission.

Then, tap on “Confirm”.

6. Check Trust Wallet and “Deposit History” in KuCoin

You can check recent transactions on Trust Wallet by tapping btc under Tokens.

You can also see the deposit history on the KuCoin mobile application.

To do this, tap on “Resources“.

Then, tap on “Deposit“.

Select the cryptocurrency for which you want to view your recent deposit history.

Now tap on the “document as” icon at the top right corner of your mobile screen.

It took 3 minutes to receive BTC on our KuCoin account.


To send/withdraw Bitcoin (BTC) from Trust Wallet to KuCoin, you need the KuCoin BTC deposit address.

As you pick up BTC from Trust Wallet to KuCoin, you need to focus on the network. Always make sure to select the same network at both ends.

If you select two different networks, you will lose your cryptocurrency.

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