Binance Wallet: Extension and How to Download It

Downloading Binance Wallet Extension can help you simplify your crypto transfers.

With binance’s growing popularity, users are now looking for easy ways to install and use the new Binance wallet extension that makes trading cryptocurrencies easier for them.

With Binance’s expansive crypto plans and the introduction to new educational initiatives such as Binance Quiz, the exchange has amassed a large user base over time.

The growing features are forcing users to find sources that can streamline the exchange’s financial processes and help them trade cryptocurrencies more easily.

Let’s take a look at how users can download the Binance Wallet extension.

How to download the Binance Wallet extension

Just like the MetaMask chrome extension, the Binance chain wallet is a browser-based wallet extension that can be added to selected web browsers.

With the help of this extension, users can send and receive crypto transfers from Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. The extension also allows users to cross-transfer between binance’s two blockchains.

It also allows users to access their wallets without having to enter private keys each time. The extension comes with a password-protected storage facility that securely stores private keys to allow users to log in whenever they want.

To download the Binance wallet extension, a user must:

  • Visit binance’s homepage
  • Scroll down to tap on your Binance wallet
  • If you selected Chrome as your preferred browser, you’ll be asked to add the wallet as your preferred extension.
  • Click the Add to Chrome button to perform the above task
  • Click add extension
  • You can now access your wallet via the added Binance wallet extension.

Does the Binance Wallet extension work on mobile devices?

Unfortunately, the Binance wallet extension cannot be added to your smartphone’s browsers. If users want to access Binance wallet facilities, they will need to add the extension to their desktop/laptop chrome to access its services.

For now, it is specifically available for desktop/laptop versions. The extension is available for download for Google Chrome, Firefox, and the Brave web browser.

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