Bibox Token Price Prediction 2022

Bibox token price forecast: For the next 24 hours, the momentum of the BIX token is expected to be bullish. The current outlook is positive.

Bibox Token Price Prediction: Today’s Outlook

indicator tendency
General perspectives positive
Market data positive
Market capitalization superior
Technical Analysis sell
Trading Volume superior
The wisdom of the crowd
Social Media Buzz positive

Bibox Price Forecasting: Market Capitalization and Volume Data

value tendency
rank 1177 superior
Market capital $0.2 million superior
Trading Volume (24H) $2.3 million superior

Bibox Price Prediction 2022

Average Bibox Price Prediction 2022 $0.031
PricePrediction $0.036
DigitalCoinPrice US$ 0.0316

Courtesy: DigitaCoinPrice

Bibox Price Prediction: Social Media Sentiment

volume tendency
Social mentions 36th superior
Social commitments 11.69K superior


The Bibox Exchange forms the infrastructure behind the Bibox cryptocurrency token. Recipients or holders continue to add to their holdings for this token while receiving rewards and dividends. Holding Bibox tokens also offers broad benefits to holders such as discounts on trading fees, using new applications from their network, and rewards as mentioned above. The platform also claims to be the first Digital AI Asset Platform.

Some facts

Bibox offers more coins, and paired trading is becoming one of the reasons why you should opt for Bibox. Along with that they have equipped a team of professionals and have 24/7 customer service to perform smooth operations and solve quarries. So their customer support and website accessibility are pretty good and helpful.


When did the Bibox see the highest spike in price?

It was 4 years ago, on June 9, 2018, when Bibox reached an all-time high of $1.77

When does it have the Bibox at its lowest price?

It was 23 days ago, on June 18, 2022, when Bibox hit an all-time low of $0.022339148157

What was Bibox’s trading volume over the 24 hours?

Bibox trading volume in 24 hours is $22,832,590

Where can you buy Bibox?

You can trade Bibox on Bibox, Huobi Global and Pinoex.

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