NFTs are digital artworks and intellectual property such as music, videos, images and tweets bought and sold through cryptocurrencies. Keeping up with the latest industry developments can be difficult with NFTs becoming more popular every day, which can be challenging and overwhelming for beginners.

Experts are using Twitter to educate, inspire and uplift the community. You can also contribute to lively audio conversations through Twitter’s “Spaces” feature, a hosted room where you can join and participate.

These masterminds will provide you with practical guidance through tweets and threads to avoid being in this industry. Here are the 20 NFT Twitter accounts to follow in 2022.

Matty (@DCLBlogger)
When it comes to NFT-related topics, Matty is the most active user. He has been a YouTuber for 3 years providing content on NFT. Matty always shares NFT education oriented content through tweets, blogs and YouTube videos. He is one of the few Twitter accounts that publishes NFT content.

Deeze (@DeezeFi)
DeeZe runs a decentralised protocol called Fractional Art. Through the protocol, NFT holders can fractionalise their tokens and mint tokens in exchange. It specialises in NFT photography, and has a large gallery. Its Twitter feeds also feature other top photographers and artists to educate new audiences. DeezeFi regularly hosts enlightening Twitter Space discussions with NFT Pricing and Fractional Fridays.

Beeple (@beeple)
Beeple is one of the famous and vital NFT-related Twitter accounts. He is an artist who created the NFT called “The First 5000 Days”, which sold for approximately $69.3 million. On his accounts or through the Twitter space, Beeple posts images of his NFTs, encouraging messages to other creators and market insights.

NFT Lately (@NFTLately)
NFT’s newsletter, NFT Lately and Twitter account cover NFT news, updates, drops and more. If you want to stay up to date on NFT news, follow NFT Lately.

TY Smith
Ty Smith is the founder of the Coinbound podcast and CEO of Coinbound. He also expresses his views on blockchain-related events and explains how he sees NFTs fitting into the bigger picture via his Twitter account. By managing the agency where some of the most influential brands in the NFT world were represented, TY Smith gained valuable insights into the world of NFTs.

Crypto baristas
The team of crypto-baristas are on a mission, to open an NFT-funded cafe in New York, which has already gained a lot of attention in the space community. For all coffee lovers, Crypto Baristas is the project for them. They get caffeinated profits for life. Their plans include opening more physical locations, possibly opening a roastery and education space in NYC, and maybe working with a Honduran coffee farm.

Rac.eth (@RAC)
RAC has been a pioneer in shaping the music industry in the blockchain era and is a Grammy-winning artist. RAC said he made more money from an NFT drop than 15 years in the music business. He wrote a recent article describing NFTs, blockchain and the shift from web2 to web3. A must visit for anyone who likes music, NFTs and blockchain.

J1mmy.eth (Jimmy NMcNelis) is the co-founder and CEO of nft42. He also founded Dito (an enterprise cloud service provider that developed and advanced NFT on-chain and the metaverse), Nameless (a project that partners with companies to launch NFT), Avatars and Tokensmart. He tweets about promising projects, opinions and inspirational quotes.

RealMissNFT is an important advocate for NFT artists and musicians. She is a journalist for nft plazas, where she discusses trends and showcases the week’s creators. While she helps many smaller accounts on Twitter, her daily tweets inspire many artists. In addition, RealMiss releases several updates about upcoming NFT collections with fantastic potential.

Farokh (Farokh Sarmad) founded Rug Radio on Twitter Spaces, which frequently and popularly discussed NFTs on Spaces. As a Twitter user, Farokh conveys positivity through his tweets and actively participates in discussions in multiple projects and communities in the NFT space. He is also an avid collector of Bored Apes, Cool Cats and Cryptopunks.

NFT. NYC features tons of great content on his Twitter account and is more than just a conference. NFT. NYC should be at the top of any NFT enthusiast’s list, as they constantly bring the community together for debates and discussions and feature the best minds in blockchain technology.

Nouns focus heavily on community, governance and treasury (DAO Nouns). The Nouns project is unique in the sense that funds raised through the sale of its NFTs will be used for a decentralised autonomous organisation / fund, which the holders will control. Ultimately, project owners will only receive a character once several pitches have been sold.

Among the 2021 NFT projects, the Bored Ape Yacht Club is the most talked about. In addition to being a generative art project, the project has attracted celebrity fans such as Timbaland and even Jimmy Fallon, who joined on board. It has over 22.8k followers.

Dikassisso is one of the most active NFT buyers on Rarible. He is a digital and virtual reality artist and a Pro NFT collector. He regularly shares projects of interest or organises giveaways for followers. He has over 22.8k followers.

Max Maher
Max has one of the largest YouTube followings in the NFT space, currently with over 821k subscribers. His Twitter accounts (@maxwell_maher) also feature news on NFTS and links to his YouTube channel. Cryptocurrency and NFT are powerful topics on his channel. He is happy to be very well researched, and delivers it in a way that is easy for a beginner to understand.

Gary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee)
Gary Vaynerchuk is a speaker, author and entrepreneur at the forefront of all things NFT. The VeeFriends project has allowed Gary to advance our understanding of what an NFT is and can be. On his Twitter feeds, he also continually educates those listening to NFT, explaining the basics and how to select appropriate projects for beginners. Gary frequently shares NFT with other Twitter users who have not yet purchased an NFT. More than 2.7 million followers follow him.

NFT Times
If you’re just getting started in NFT, The NFT Times is a great resource. What’s great about the NFT Times is that they focus solely on NFTs; for example, “how to promote NFT art using Twitter” and “the #1 reason you can’t sell your NFTs”. NFT Times will never diverge from their name; they are unique in this way.

Beanie (@beaniemaxi)
Beanie owns some of the best NFTs like Meta Hero, Cool Cats and Crypto Punks. He is an investor in Web3 native protocol and a partner at Gm capital, part of a company that invests in NFT and DEFI projects. He keeps you up to date on developments in the NFT and DAO space. In the last few months, Beanie on Twitter has multiplied. He currently has over 182k followers.

Packy McCormick (@packyM)
McCormick founded, a newsletter designed to decode the potential of companies. In total, over 100k people have subscribed. Packy believes crypto, NFT, Web3 and the maker economy are essential. He is an in-depth analyst of NFT and Solana and an advisor to Web3 at A16Z. More than 140,000 members follow Packy on Twitter.

Naval Ravikant
Naval, founder and president of AngelList, is a strong believer in the Web3, Crypto and NFT communities. He is among the best tech minds in the Silicon Valley area. In addition to being liked by more than 180,000 members, his “How to get rich without getting lucky” was also retweeted by more than 66.5 thousand members. Web3 and crypto are not the only things you can follow. His philosophical outlook on life is also worth mentioning.

The crypto Twitter community is dominated by non fungible tokens (NFT). Twitter users seem to have a strange monkey profile picture, and Crypto Twitter users seem to boast about buying NFTs by altering their Twitter avatars.

It is on Twitter where all the announcements about NFT from known artists, collectors and builders are shared, and then the mainstream media will catch up later. We will help you find a legitimate NFT project and a great profitable NFT project that you can invest in if you are interested in learning more about NFT. Secondly, you should expose yourself to the valuable NFT information that is shared exclusively on Twitter.

Who are the biggest collectors of NFT on Twitter?
Starry Night (@StarryNight_Cap)
WhaleSharkdotPro (@WhaleShark_Pro)
Pablo (@pablorfraile)
MetaKovan (@MetanKovan)
PAM (@cryptophilip)
Who are the NFT influencers?
Snoop [email protected] with over 19.6 million followers
Cuban @mcuban brand with over 8.6 million followers
@IAmSteveHarvey with over 4.5 million followers
Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee with over 2.7 million followers
@kevinrose with 1.6 million followers
JRNY Crypto @JRNYcrypto with 798k followers
Alex Becker @zssbecker with 794k followers

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