ARIVA Price Forecast (ARV) 2022-2030

The ariva price forecast for 2030 is $0.00359 provided ARV gains 30% per year from now.

Current ARV Price

Ariva or ARV is a cryptocurrency from the house of It is a BEP20 cryptographic token issued on the BNB chain, a blockchain built by the Binance exchange. The purpose behind ARV is to trap the world’s largest industry, the travel and tourism industry.

ARV is trying to position itself as the crypto that could be used as a payment method for everything related to tourism.

Here are some facts about ARV and

  • Ariva was launched on 25 May 2021.
  • The goal of the Ariva cryptocurrency is to be a convenient and secure payment method among participants on Ariva.
  • Ariva offers a platform where travelers can book using ARV encryption.
  • Ariva offers a unique review system method where it rewards the review creator and contributor with ARV encryption.
  • Ariva has its own business dashboard where service providers can manage all their travel-related functions.

ARV Price Prediction 2022

10% 20% 30%
Oct-22 US$ 0.00015 US$ 0.00017 US$ 0.00018
Nov-22 US$ 0.00017 US$ 0.00020 US$ 0.00024
Dec-22 US$ 0.00019 US$ 0.00024 US$ 0.00031

Ariva ecosystem

Ariva aims to capture the entire tourist space using blockchain as its foundation. With this goal in mind, Ariva has expanded its ecosystem with the ARV token as a catalyst. Here is a brief description of the Ariva ecosystem:


Ariva ventured into the world of the metaverse with Ariva Wonderland. This is the first tourist Metaverse in the world. Using the metaverse combined with virtual reality, users will be able to virtually travel to incredible attractions from the comfort of their own home.

Digital Booking and Payment

With its platform called Ariva.World, the developers of Ariva have introduced the first Global Travel & Tourism platform where cryptocurrency can be used as a means of payment. From reservations to any other booking than tourism, travelers can use cryptocurrencies and can also earn cryptocurrencies for both of their bookings.

At Ariva World, Ariva.Finance acts as a payment gateway. Online transactions such as travel booking and shopping can be made on Ariva Finance. Ariva Finance is a next-generation payment gateway that offers solutions using blockchain technology.

Social Media

A user or traveler can share their experience on a blockchian-enabled social media platform called Ariva.Club. Users can share their experiences about travel, restaurants, agencies and everything related to tourism here and are rewarded by cryptocurrencies.

Who are Ariva’s Competitors?

In its field of tourism, Ariva currently has no competition.

ARV Price Prediction: Tokenomics

The maximum supply of ARVs is 100,000,000,000 with 72.55 billion ARVs currently in circulation. Here are the ARV tokenomics:

  • 78.94% to the public
  • 18.40% to the main portfolio
  • 2.50% to the developer fund
  • 0.16% to the marketing fund

Ariva Price Prediction 2023

price forecast for 2023 is $0.00021 provided ARV earns 50% per year from now.

ARV Price Prediction 2025

The 2025 ARV price is expected to be $0.00047 if there is a 50% annual increase in price. However, the price of ARV could reach $0.00019 if ARV earns 10% per year from now.

Ariva Forecast 2030

The ariva price forecast for 2030 is $0.00359 provided ARV gains 30% per year from now.

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ARV Price Prediction: Market Cap and Volume

rank 755th
Market capitalization $10.4 million
Trading volume (24H) $1.9 million

ARIVA price forecast: where to buy?

The ARV token is available on limited exchanges. Here are some exchanges where ARV is listed for MEXC, XT.COM, Bitrue, AAX and trade.

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