A Truly Profitable Shiba Inu Trading Strategy

Today I will teach you a profitable Shiba inu trading strategy.

This strategy will have two specific parts to help you profit from Shiba Inu.

The first part will explain a long-term maintenance strategy for Shiba Inu.

Part 2 will be a Shiba Inu day trading strategy or swing trading strategy.

Because I believe in holding long-term, it is also possible to generate short-term income.

I call this double-dipping making money more than one way.

The first time I dived twice was when I was collecting money from the GI bill to go to school from the military, and I was collecting money from UPS, my current employer, to go to school.

I was paid for the same thing twice! I love double-dipping. If you are interested in other double-dipping strategy ideas, let me know in the comments.

Introduction to Shiba: Long-Term Plan

What Is Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu is a cryptographic coin on the Ethereum network.

Shiba is a doge of meme coin with the title of dogecoin killer.

The coin development team created a 28-page white paper explaining their plans for Shiba inu.

One of the main reasons they created shib coin is to focus on decentralized currency and programs.

Decentralization means that it is in the hands of the people, not in the hands of the government, unlike fiat currency which is under the control of central bankers and the government.

The idea is to empower the community and the average person.

Anything that brings power and choice to the people can be considered a radical idea, which can cause many enemies to rise up against those ideas.

This means that this is more than a currency, it is a movement. It is a movement that can bring choice to the ordinary person and profit.

I am a big believer in the long-term benefits of Shiba Inu for the following reasons.

  1. Shiba Inu is a deflationary currency that is the opposite of an inflationary currency. When something is deflationary, it means that it has a maximum supply and is limited. Verses, for example, US dollar, which is inflationary because it has an unlimited supply.
  2. The second reason I’m a big supporter of Shiba Inu is that they limit the supply of Shiba Inu coins. By burning Shiba on a large scale, they are destroying Shiba’s supply to make the number of Shiba even lower, which can increase the value IF they decrease the supply. On the contrary, increasing demand at the same time can result in a significant increase in value.
  3. The third reason is that they have a talented team that is working to create real value for the use of the Shiba community.
  4. The developers have a roadmap for a Shiba NFT, a Shiba exchange, a shibarium, a Shiba

  5. network, and a Shiba game.
  6. The Shib army has millions of followers who believe the coin could go to a penny. Most people think they’re crazy and they’re right; They’re crazy, crazy enough to get the price at a penny  I happen to be one of them, and I know I’m crazy.

What is a Shib Burn:

People send coins to a dead wallet that can no longer be accessed, permanently removing the money from the supply.

Note* just because the supply is limited does not automatically make it valuable. There must be demand with limited supply.

I have my old childhood drawings, which are rare. It’s worth millions to my mother, but I can’t sell it to the rest of the world for nothing.

Do you have an idea of how it works?

You can follow the amount of all shib burns here on a monitoring website called shibburn.

How to burn Shib:

Burning Shib will decrease the supply of Shiba inu coin. Several companies are part of the Shiba army and are voluntarily taking part of their profits and burning them.

Steven Cooper, the founder of Bigger Entertainment, has created several playlists that earn royalties when playing music. Steven buys shib with the royalties they earn from playlists. The shib they buy is sent to dead wallets, which is how they burn them.

Travis Johnson has two games he created and is burning shib with 100% of the revenue he earns from his two games.

Brick Buster: a fun brick shooting game.

Zombie Assassins: A fun puzzle game where you try to destroy zombies. Zombie Assasins is my favorite of the two games, and we can burn shib while we play.

Long-term investment plan for Shiba Inu

I will cover the long-term plan of my Shiba Inu purchase and maintenance plan.

Buy as many coins as possible.

I will look at my sources of income, add them, and put 10% of my earnings into Shiba every week.

The price of Shiba Inu coin is low right now, and an investment of $100 will earn you around 3 million coins.

I’m doing it because I believe it will increase in value.

I will continue to buy 10% shib until the price reaches a penny or I get 10 billion coins, whichever comes first.

When I get to 10 billion, I will put 10% in another asset. If you want to stay up to date on my investment strategies, be sure to listen to the How To Trade It podcast.

When shib gets increases in value to a penny, I will pull out 50% of the profit and reinvest it in other revenue-creating activities.

Such as stocks, real estate, companies or another cryptocurrency.

I will
keep the rest of my shib inu until the price reaches $1, at which point, I will sell an additional 50% and invest the profits in revenue-producing assets.

The key to being financially free is to buy things that produce revenue.

The Best Shiba Trading Strategy

How to trade Shiba INU:

Step One: Open a New Trading Account

Places where you can trade Shiba Inu.

You can trade shiba INU on Webull, coinbase, and coinbase pro.

If you do not have an account with any of the above platforms, you can open them and get a bonus with the following links.

Webull $5 free shib bonus Click here now.

Coinbase You get $10 worth of bitcoin when you open a new coinbase account.

Soon, Shiba Inu will be available to trade on Robinhood, and when that happens, it’s another option you might consider.

Right now, my favorite place to trade Shiba Inu is Webull.

Step Two: Put Your Chart on a 1-hour time frame

The next step to help you learn how to trade Shiba Inu is to know when to enter the trade.

Put your charts on a time interval of 1 hour:

*Note This strategy will work on any time period you wish to trade, but we are teaching the 1 hour for this article.

Step 3: Add support and resistance levels to the chart.

This strategy will only be focused on buying since, at this time, very few people can short Shiba Inu.

If multiple brokers add Shiba as a CFD, we may change it later, focusing only on buying.

You want to find a support level where the price stopped earlier on the chart.

If you need more training on support and endurance, check out our detailed article.

Step 4: Conditions of entry on Shiba INU trading strategy

When the price moves to the level, it expects a bullish candle to form.
When you get a bullish candle that looks strong, you’ll want to make a buy trade.

You enter the trade when the close is above the previous candle high.

Or you might want to check out the price action strategy guide as well.

Step 5: Stop Loss Placement

After entering the trade, immediately place your stop loss below the support level.

One of the essential parts of trading is money management, so make sure you have a good money management strategy.

Step 6: Where to place your take profit.

Place your target below the latest resistance level. For example, try to make sure you have at least 2:1 RR.

In this way, I have a risk/reward ratio of 2 to 1. I know I will profit if I win 35% of my trades.

The trade shown in the image above is little more than a risk/reward ratio of two to one.

For example, if I take 1000 trades and win 350 trades and lose 650 assets IF I win $20 per trade and lose $10 per trade, that means I will earn $500

That’s a lot of work for just $500, but the idea is to tweak the strategy so you can increase your win rate.

Another trading example of Shiba Inu trading strategy

frequently asked questions:

Here are the answers to some questions I frequently get about Shiba Inu trading strategy.

Is Shiba Inu a good investment?

This is the
wrong question; the correct question is: Will Shiba inu increase the value?

Money has a limited supply, and demand is also rapidly increasing, and because of the law of supply and demand, the answer is yes, it will increase in value.

But, of course, anything can happen, and we don’t know the future, so you have to do your research.

The content of this article is not investment advice.

Will Shiba reach 1 cent?

No one knows. As investors all we can do is look at the supply and demand of things. Supply is limited and demand is only increasing.

Will Shiba Inu reach a penny?

I think it will probably be much more than 1 cent.

Some people say that it is impossible to reach 1 cent because if Shiba comes to 1 cent with the current supply, the market capitalization would be 23 trillion dollars, which they say is impossible.

We must consider the following factors:

  1. They are burning shibs and reducing the total supply. If supply falls, when it gets to 1 cent, the market capitalization probably wouldn’t come close to $23 trillion.
  2. Even if they don’t burn coins, I still believe it could reach .01 due to demand.
  3. Declining dollar: Remember that there is limited supply and demand for shib is rapidly increasing. With the dollar’s rapid decline, a market cap of $23 trillion doesn’t mean much these days.

Is Shiba Inu a Shitcoin?

Does this mean Shiba Inu is a scam? Will the developers take the money and flee?

Everything, of course, is possible, and we had seen it happen many times before in crypto, where the creators simply took the money and trashed the coin.

In this case, I would say no, because there is huge online support and a huge development team.

But anything is possible and no one knows the future, so make sure you’re prepared to lose everything if you invest.

Is Shiba Inu a good long-term investment?

Suppose the Shiba Inu development team continues to work on these projects and increases the value of the community and the use of tokens. If so, it should be an excellent long-term investment for many years to come.

What are the main risks for Shiba Inu?

There is no perfect investment, and Shiba Inu is no different.

Here are what I perceive to be the main risks for Shiba Inu.

  1. Leadership: If leaders and the development team lose focus and vision. A currency like this depends on the projects that will be carried out. Right now, they made significant progress in the first year, but it’s still early, and if they don’t execute their vision, that will derail Shiba from becoming great. Leadership is doing well so far, but many coins have fallen due to poor leadership or even crypto scams, so only invest what you can afford to lose.
  2. Two many other coins are doing the same thing. There have been a myriad of coins, and for every new coin released, it’s competition for dollars and teams that back them up. Right now, the competition is getting intense, and if Shiba Inu falters, there will be another coin right behind it to take its place.
  3. An economic collapse, we

  4. don’t know for sure what will happen to Shiba’s price during a financial failure, but one thing we can agree on is that during a collapse, most items decline rapidly. If we look back at the dot com bubble of 2000, most stocks have fallen and most dot com stocks have failed. The Amazon also went into the desert for many years before rising from the ashes. Many coins can disappear during a collapse, but strong coins with real vision will survive, rise and become large.


This Shiba inu trading strategy is a great way to trade shiba consistently. There are no guarantees, of course, but if you follow the rules of this best shiba trading strategy then anything is possible!

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