5 US Billionaires Reveal Their Stock Investment Secrets

The US stock market is a fertile land of wealthy billionaires. Here, many billionaires have enriched themselves by investing and managing investment funds that many investors admire. The following article learns about five wealthy billionaires in the US stock market and their investment secrets.

What is the US stock billionaire?

The billionaires of the US stock market are billionaires with billions of dollars in assets, thriving thanks to investments in the US stock market.

These billionaires can be successful hedge fund managers, people with substantial personal equity holdings, or individual financial managers with billions of dollars in assets.

List of U.S. Stock Billionaires Updated in 2022

1. Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway)

At the top of the list of billionaires in the US stock market is Warren Buffett. He has been nicknamed “the Oracle of Omaha,” famous as the most significant stock investor. Currently, Warren Buffett owns a fortune of up to 112.8 billion US dollars (as of June 2022) and is the chairman and largest shareholder of the investment firm Berkshire Hathaway (BRK stock code. A).

The value investment strategy has made Warren Buffett a legendary investor thanks to his careful selection of investment securities. Buffett focuses on building a portfolio of safe stocks with long-term upside potential.

According to Warren Buffett’s strategy for individual investors, one of the easiest ways to invest in Berkshire Hathaway stocks. In addition, individual investors can also learn about Warren Buffett’s investment portfolio, also known as “Warren Buffett shares”, which have been held by Berkshire Hathaway for many years in which to invest.

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2. Stephen Schwarzman (Blackstone)

Stephen Schwarzman is an American billionaire businessman. He has a fortune of up to $35.5 billion (as of June 2022). Currently, Stephen Schwarzman is ranked 36th among global billionaires. Schwarzman is the number one investor among American billionaires who make money through Private Equity. Schwarzman founded the Blackstone Group in 1985 and has been trading private equity ever since. After more than 35 years, Blackstone has become one of the largest alternative wealth management companies in the world, with $684 billion in assets.

3. Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio is the world’s largest hedge fund manager, with over $154 billion. Currently, Ray Dalio’s net worth is $22 billion (as of June 2022) and ranks 70th on the list of global billionaires.

Ray Dalio is known for diversifying his investment portfolio to minimize risk-affecting returns. Ray Dalio’s principle is to choose assets that have little or no correlation with each other, are influenced by completely different factors (stocks, bonds, etc.) and whose price movements are completely independent of each other.

4. Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen (aka Steven A. Cohen) is a hedge fund manager and an American stock billionaire with a net worth of $17.4 billion and is ranked 96th on the list of global billionaires (updated). June 2022). Cohen was named “king of hedge funds” in 2006 by the Wall Street Journal. And in 2014, Cohen was known as the highest-income hedge fund manager published by Forbes.

Steve Cohen is the founder of hedge fund Point72 Asset Management ($16 billion) and sac Capital Advisors. SAC Capital is one of the most successful hedge funds ever. Unfortunately, however, Cohen was forced to shut down SAC Capital when the company was charged with insider trading and had to pay a fine of $1.8 billion.

5. David Tepper

David Tepper is the founder of hedge fund firm Appaloosa Management, which manages nearly $13 billion (peaking at $20 billion). He is considered the most important hedge fund manager of his generation. Currently, he owns a net worth of $16.7 billion and ranks 102nd among the richest billionaires in the world (June 2022).

David Tepper was head of junk bonds at Goldman Sachs, focusing on bankruptcies and special situations. He was instrumental in helping Goldman Sachs bring down the 1987 market by buying underlying bonds in financial institutions that had been “crippled by the crash” and then skyrocketing as the market recovered its yield.

David Tepper founded Appaloosa Management in 1993 and is known for investing in “hungry bonds” and “tougher companies.” He has also made investment recommendations on several investments considered risky, including AIG debt, Bank of America’s capital, and European banks.

In 2020, the majority of David Tepper’s portfolio focused on Alibaba (13%) and Amazon (11%).


American equity investors always have many different investment ideas. When you learn about the billionaires of the US stock market, the most successful hedge fund managers, you will probably find great investment ideas for your portfolio.

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