3 Meme Coins on Solana to Buy

Meme coins on Solana are seeing a significant increase, with investors looking for assets to buy in the short term, while market sentiment takes a positive turn. The rise in Solana (SOL) prices has brought with it renewed interest in these cryptocurrencies, which are gaining more and more

Growth of Meme Coins on Solana

Solana meme coins saw a significant influx of investment when SOL reached $170, maintaining strong momentum thanks to a change in market sentiment.

The assets recorded gains in intraday trading, overcoming a resistance level and igniting bullish sentiment. The price of SOL remained around this threshold, touching $170 twice as the bulls increased buying pressure

Increase in the Meme Coin market

This market jump has also stimulated Bitcoin (BTC), altcoins and meme coins, with the latter recording the highest gains. The market capitalization of meme coins is now $66.7 billion, an increase of 2.3%, while meme coins on Solana have risen by 5.3% to $9.7 billion. Trading volumes also rose today to $1.5 billion, with assets seeing inflows exceeding 200X. SOL’s price increases have spilled over to meme tokens, leading to rising values. Here are three Solana meme coins to buy after the price increase

Yotoshi (YOTO)

Yotoshi is the meme coin on Solana that recorded the highest gains today, with an increase of 349.4%. This level of growth brought the weekly numbers above 765% for the asset, while monthly inflows are at 215%. Yotoshi is one of the new meme coins that has seen an extraordinary influx in recent weeks. Daily volumes rose to $1.1 million, with users showing strong interest in this asset


MAGA PEPE is up 271% and joins the meme coins to buy right now. The asset’s 24-hour rally places it among the biggest gains. In addition to its meme coin status on Solana, MAGA PEPE is themed around the popular meme coin PEPE, now ranked third among similar assets by market capitalization. In addition, the token is themed around the slogan of former US President Donald Trump. Trump-themed coins have dominated trending spaces ahead of the elections

Bird Dog on SOL (BIRDDOG)

Bird Dog recorded a 79 percent gain in the last 24 hours. The rally seen by the asset brought weekly trading to 499%, while the monthly figures are at 879%. According to CoinGecko data, trading volumes reached $3.9 million. Even canine-themed tokens have seen inflows along with meme coins on Solana, leading to a general phase of rise
in meme coins.

The current meme coin rally on Solana is a positive sign for investors looking for short-term opportunities. With SOL reaching new highs, meme coins like Yotoshi, MAGA PEPE, and Bird Dog are rapidly gaining value, offering significant potential returns. It is essential to monitor market trends and the performance of these cryptocurrencies to make informed and strategic investments

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