One of the main goals of each nation is economic growth that travels at a pace
continuous and possibly sustained. Inflation, a non
variable, also plays an important role in this context.
negligible for any economic policy decision. By inflation we mean a sustained and generalized increase in the prices of goods and services on the market over a given period of time. It then becomes necessary to be able to do
relying on reliable inflation rate forecasts that allow you to take
well-directed political decisions.

The crisis generated by the pandemic has been an unprecedented shock to which the economy
it was not prepared in the slightest given the speed with which it occurred. The effect
on economic activity was clearly negative and even two years later, with a
constantly changing market, we are not yet able to quantify the extent and
duration of its impact. As far as the machinery and work equipment sector is concerned, the situation
Industrial remains quite serious that is not limited to national borders alone. In particular in
Italy a significant demand for cars to be included in the rental parks e
at the same time a shortage of available machinery, both new and used.
Prices for new machines are constantly increasing but also the used one records peaks of
increase never seen before. The rental companies, not being able to count immediately on
new machines, buy used machines to meet the growing
rental request from customers. The commodity sector that is most affected by global inflation, primarily
rising commodity and energy prices and supply difficulties,
it is that of constructions that in our country is historically one of the most inclined to

Despite the obvious difficulties we have just talked about in Italy, the ecobonus and the
PNRR at the start are still giving life to the construction sector.

The advantages of renting in the post-pandemic

One of the trends of Italian companies, until the crisis of 2008, was to buy all the
fleet of machines necessary to perform their work. For 15 years now this
trend is reversing, with more and more customers who have understood the advantages that the service of
Rental offers to their companies. If the rental of machines and equipment has always been advantageous for the end customer, in
a period characterized by continuous price increases, the benefits become even more
Obvious. In fact, buying a machine has always involved a significant investment, again
more at this time of soaring costs. It should also be kept in
consideration that a new machine will tend to depreciate quickly when in
in the near future prices will stabilize again. In this scenario, the rental of machinery allows the customer to save both in the short term and in the long term. On the other hand, you can take advantage of a 360 ° service that guarantees the availability of machinery
and equipment that is required for the specific processing of key sectors
of the economy such as construction and industry.

Digital innovation as an added value of the rental service

The period that Italian rental is experiencing is undoubtedly positive, with a 2021 that has
recorded record numbers. Many rental companies have invested in innovation in order to guarantee the customer a
added value in its service. The digitalization of rental processes is the path taken by many renters who
have thus simplified company procedures and at the same time increased their own
profitability. Renting online with easyLeggio allows each customer to rent
a machine in a few clicks and from any device simplifying the whole process.
The economic advantages of the rental, now known and appreciated by the customer, are integrated with
a wide feeling of machines and equipment available and safe because maintained
constantly. Online rental therefore becomes a tool that simplifies the process by maximizing
efficiency, providing the customer with added value to the entire service. The support of professional charterers, who have many years of experience in the sector, will help the customer to work at their best without having to worry about the management of
machines completing a quality rental service.

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