2024 civil servant salary increase: when will it arrive, who is entitled to it and the news

In 2024, civil servants will see an increase in salary thanks to the renewals of national collective labor agreements (CCNL) for the three-year period 2022 2024. This increase ranges from 160 to 190 euros per month, equal to an increase of 6%. In this guide, we explore how the augmentation works, when it will be applied, and who will benefit from it. In addition, let’s analyze the other changes introduced for civil servants

How does the salary increase for civil servants work in 2024

The salary increase for civil servants was applied directly to the payroll starting from January 1, 2024. This increase is the result of accelerated negotiations to close the renewals of the public CCNL, announced on the eve of the approval of
the 2024 budget law.

Currently, the renewals of the CCNL Central Functions and the CCNL Local Functions are underway for the period 2019-2021. For other sectors, the renewals have already been carried out and the increases have been partly

Timing of the increase

Since January 2024, most civil servants have started to receive their salary increase. However, some sectors, such as employees covered by the CCNL Central Functions, are still waiting for the adjustment. This renewal concerns about 193,000 state companies and should be completed by the end of 2024. Once the contract is renewed, these employees will also receive the

Extent of salary increase

The salary increase for civil servants in 2024 is equal to 6% of the monthly wage. In practical terms, this translates into an average increase of 160 euros per month for most public administration personnel, with peaks of up to 190 euros for some specific categories, such as armed forces and law enforcement personnel

Other salary increases and news for 2024

In addition to the increases resulting from contract renewals, the government has introduced additional increases in the payroll for 2024:

  • Employee bonus: thanks to the cut of the 2024 tax wedge, civil servants will also benefit from this bonus.
  • Contractual vacation allowance: equal to 1.5% of the salary due, this allowance is provided for contractual vacation periods.
  • IRPEF 2024 reform: the increases in the payroll also derive from the reform of the IRPEF, which introduced new, more favorable tax brackets.

Renewals of public contracts

Since 2022, under the Meloni government, numerous public CCNL have been renewed, including:

  • Public Employment National Collective Labor Code 2022 – 2024
  • CCNL school
  • CCNL healthcare 2019-2021
  • CCNL local functions 2019-2021
  • CCNL ATA staff
  • CCNL central functions

Other help and updates

In addition to wage increases, there are additional useful guides for public employees, including:

  • Insights on payroll increases in 2024
  • Guide to confirmed and extended payroll bonuses in 2024
  • Details on all the new benefits, bonuses and aid for workers and families
  • The increase in salaries for civil servants in 2024 represents an important economic benefit for many public sector workers. It is essential to stay up to date on new regulations and contract renewals to fully understand the benefits deriving from these measures. Keep following our guides and updates to maximize the benefits offered by policies to support public workers

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