2024 bill bonus: ISEE, how to request it, amounts and requirements

The 2024 bill bonus is a measure designed to help families cope with rising electricity and gas costs. This incentive combines the so-called ‘social electricity bonus’ and ‘water and gas bonus’ managed by ARERA and linked to the ISEE, applying directly to the

What is the 2024 bill bonus

The 2024 bill bonus is a discount applied to the electricity, gas or water bill, recognized to citizens and families with ISEE up to 9,530 euros or, in the case of four or more dependent children, with ISEE up to 20,000 euros.

It is granted for 12 renewable months, on a single supply for domestic use for each type of service and families who live in a condominium with centralized supplies are also entitled
to it.

2024 Bill Bonus Requirements

The 2024 bill bonus for electricity, gas and water is due to domestic users in economic difficulties. The citizen or family unit is entitled to the bonus if the ISEE

  • It is not more than 9,530 euros for families with up to three dependent children
  • It is not more than 20,000 euros for large families with at least four dependent children

Specific requirements for direct supply

  • The supply must be in the name of one of the members of the ISEE unit
  • The supply must have a domestic use rate (resident for water service)
  • The supply must be active or temporarily suspended due to arrears
  • Specific requirements for centralized delivery

    • The condominium gas or water supply must be used in residential premises and active
    • For the centralized water service, the nucleus must be the owner of an active and domestic electricity supply

    How to claim the 2024 bill bonus

    The 2024 bill bonus is automatically recognized, with credit in the bill, to citizens who hold direct electricity, water or gas supplies. There is no need to ask a specific question, however, it is necessary to submit the DSU (Single Replacement Declaration) to the INPS every year to obtain the ISEE certificate. Users can fill out the DSU independently online on the INPS portal or get help from a CAF or

    If the ISEE and the household supplies meet the eligibility requirements, verified by the SII (Integrated Information System) or the Water Manager, the bonus is recognized for 12 months.

    Assistance and support

    For information and support regarding the communication received or the methods of sending the requested data, citizens can consult the informational videos developed by ARERA or contact ARERA’s Energy and Environment Consumer Desk at the toll-free number 800 166 654 or via email.

    Amounts of the 2024 bill bonus

    Electric social bonus amount

    For the electricity bonus, the reference values from April to December 2024 provided by ARERA are:

    • 142.74 euros for the whole year, for a family with 1 or 2 members (11.7 euros per month)
    • 183 euros for the whole year, for a family of up to 4 members (15 euros per month)
  • 201.30 euros for the whole year, for a family with more than 4 members (16.5 euros per month)
  • Social gas bonus amount

    The amounts of the gas bonus, discounted for hot water, cooking and heating use, vary according to climate zones and seasonality. For the first quarter of 2024, the amounts are

    • From 56.42 to 84.63 euros per quarter for families with up to 4 members
  • From 63.7 to 79.17 euros per quarter for families with more than 4 members
  • Water bill bonus amount

    The social water bonus guarantees a discount of 50 liters per inhabitant per day. The value of the water bonus varies depending on the geographical area of the supply. Users must consult the website of their water manager or contact the ARERA Energy and Environment Consumer Desk call center to verify the amount of the bonus

    When does the 2024 bill bonus arrive

    The 2024 bill bonus is already active for those who meet the ISEE requirements. ARERA recognizes the bonus in the bill after about 3-4 months from the ISEE certification date for direct electricity and gas supplies and after about 6-7 months
    for direct water supplies.

    When does the bill bonus expire

    The social bonus with ISEE limits of up to 9,530 euros or 20,000 euros for water and gas is structural and does not expire.

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